Saturday, December 6, 2008

Setting/ Situation

“Singapore” by Mary Oliver
In “Singapore” the setting is not as important as the situation. The situation is watching a woman clean a toilet in the Singapore airport. In this moment when “a darkness was ripped from my eyes” she feels empathy for this woman. She realizes that though her job is “dull enough” this woman is methodic and steady like a river. The author goes on to discuss the beauty of this woman though her job is embarrassing. However, “Everybody needs a job” and though the woman is embarrassed by her occupation she is still beautiful. The situation juxtaposes the unappealing image of cleaning a toilet with the beauty of the woman and the beauty of nature. This is the author’s way of saying that even unpleasant things can be beautiful if you look at the beauty of life. I think that the fact that the setting isn’t important is actually symbolic because it suggests that beauty can exist anywhere, even in an airport bathroom, but, not limited to that location.

“Morning Song” by Silvia Plath (my favorite poet)
The situation/ setting of “Morning Song” is key to the poem because it is the birth of a baby. The birth corresponds to the morning in that symbolically the morning represents a new start and youth. The morning corresponds to the beginning of life. It is also the beginning of a new life for the narrator, life as a mother. Birth, the beginning of life, is very important in many works of literature and in poetry.

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