Sunday, March 29, 2009


"Idea: Old Mazda Lamp, 50-100-150 W" By John Hollander

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"Idea: Old Mazda Lamp" by John Hollander is in the shape of a light bulb (obviously). The beginning of the poem discussed light and darkness, which connects with the light bulb either on or off. "Oh yes I see" is emphasizing because it is underlined.  This is emphasized because there is a shift. The poem goes from talking about concrete things (light, dark, daylight) to abstract ideas (the mind). The poem becomes more abstract and compares light and dark with dreams and sleeping with figurative language. The on/off switch of a light bulb is compared to having your eyes open or shut. Finally, the light bulb come to represent the "way minds look." The ending words are "there was light." Through the progression of the poem, the light bulb comes to represent thinking which began the world.

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